American revolutionary war essay topics

In 1765, the British Parliament needed money for the French and Indian War , and passed a Law called the Stamp Act . This law said that colonists had to buy stamps for legal papers, newspapers , and even playing cards , as other British people did. The money from the stamps went to the King. The colonies did not follow this law. The colonies kept refusing to do what the King wanted. The Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre caused people to become more angry about the situation. The British sent more soldiers (Red Coats) to keep control of the colonies and they sometimes had to fight. In 1774, the British passed the Intolerable Acts .

Arnold was certain the enemy would sally out from the city, and he prepared to meet them. On the 14th, he even had the audacity to send a rather blustery letter to Hector Cramahé, the lieutenant governor of Québec, demanding the city’s immediate surrender ‘in the name of the United Colonies.’ When Matthias Ogden, accompanied by a drummer, tried to deliver the message, he received Cramahé’s reply in advance–in the form of a cannon shot that sent him scurrying back to rebel lines. The New Jersey?born rebel tried again the next day, carrying both the ultimatum and a message from Arnold stating that Cramahé’s behavior the previous evening was unworthy of his ‘honor and valor’ and represented ‘an insult I could not have expected from a private soldier.’ Cramahé’s response was no different but more accurate–his salvo almost killed Ogden.

American revolutionary war essay topics

american revolutionary war essay topics


american revolutionary war essay topicsamerican revolutionary war essay topicsamerican revolutionary war essay topicsamerican revolutionary war essay topics