Anthrax research paper

As that long second sentence shows, academic papers are filled with dense language. The authors pulled a sort of “ how do you do, fellow kids ,” by throwing in some new slang. The problem with memes and language that starts on the internet is that it’s always changing. Pepe the Frog went from being a cartoon frog that was shapable for various meme purposes, to being one of the most recognizable symbols of the alt-right and white supremacy. Likewise, “derp” has changed meanings over time. The Oxford Living Dictionary defines it as a noun meaning “foolishness or stupidity.” But there are variations like “ merpy derp ” which Urban Dictionary defines as “a word used when a fucking idiot is speaking.” Other variations, like   derp face , is defined on the website with offensive ablist language that associates a facial expression that “often involves eyes turned in different directions and a stupid smile” with people with disabilities.

Under specific environmental conditions – for instance, prolonged rain; carcass inaccessibility ( . standing water, heavy bush); or logistical problems ( . lack of proper equipment, manpower etc. ) – the prompt disposal of infected carcasses may be impossible. In these circumstances, to prevent or minimize anthrax environmental contamination, assess the situation to decide on an appropriate course of action within a realistic timeline for disposal. Cover the carcass and the surrounding area with disinfectants, such as 10% formalin or 5% solution of lye (sodium hydroxide), and repeated as needed. Protecting the carcass from scavenging is also indicated. AVOID USING LIME or other calcium products.

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Anthrax research paper

anthrax research paper


anthrax research paperanthrax research paperanthrax research paperanthrax research paper