Business intelligence term paper

From 2006 onwards, the positive effects of cloud-stored information and data management transformed itself to a completely mobile-affectioned one, mostly to the benefit of decentralized and remote teams looking to tweak data or gain full visibility over it out of office. As a response to the large success of fully optimized uni-browser versions, vendors have recently begun releasing mobile-specific product applications for both Android and iOS users. [9] Cloud-hosted data analytics made it possible for companies to categorize and process large volumes of data, which is how we can currently speak of unlimited visualization, and intelligent decision making.

Unstructured and semi-structured data have different meanings depending on their context. In the context of relational database systems, unstructured data cannot be stored in predictably ordered columns and rows . One type of unstructured data is typically stored in a BLOB (binary large object), a catch-all data type available in most relational database management systems. Unstructured data may also refer to irregularly or randomly repeated column patterns that vary from row to row within each file or document. [ citation needed ]

Imagine you could help your customers immediatley predict demand or supply across their entire supply chain … or provide exactly the right offers and services to every customer as needed. Leverage the predictive capabilities of SAP InfiniteInsight for your application, with its easy to use and intuitive modeling and visualization on top of an open and flexible platform. Create applications that let your customers predict and act in real-time instead of relying on batch, thereby enabling real-time promotions, detection of fraud, risk mitigation, revenue optimization, and customer retention.

Business intelligence term paper

business intelligence term paper


business intelligence term paperbusiness intelligence term paperbusiness intelligence term paperbusiness intelligence term paper