Developmental psychology term paper ideas

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the University of Southern California Department of Psychology has among its faculty internationally recognized scholars and one of the most diverse student populations in the United States. Our faculty and students are engaged in groundbreaking studies, investigating basic theoretical questions and bringing their work to bear on some of society's most pressing needs. The department offers graduate training in five areas: Brain & Cognitive Science , Clinical Science , Developmental Psychology , Quantitative Methods , and Social Psychology .

In pursuing its mission to acquire, advance and disseminate knowledge within the Psychological and Biobehavioral Sciences, the Department balances several academic endeavors including: undergraduate teaching, graduate training, professional training, basic scientific research, applied research, faculty development, and community service.  The Department of Psychology has the largest . program at the University of Miami and the second largest number of undergraduate majors in the College of Arts and Sciences.  The Department has extensive research and service programs throughout the culturally diverse Miami area affected by its 38 faculty and 120 full-time staff and research personnel.  Its research programs have been ranked among the top nationally for National Institute of Health funding in psychology departments.  Its graduate program in clinical psychology was recently ranked 25th nationally by . News and World Report and has received continuous accreditation by the American Psychological Association since 1966.  The Department has its own community-based training clinic and adult, child, and health intervention programs.  

Dr. Liisa Galea is UBC’s new Neuroscience Graduate Program Director. As a longstanding champion of neuroscience and the first PhD in Neuroscience to graduate from Western University, Galea sees this role as a way to give back to the neuroscience community.

  • NEW RESEARCH Want to recycle or compost more? Try moving the bins closer, new UBC Psychology research suggests. The findings highlight how small changes in convenience can have a big impact on performance.
  • EVIDENCE BASED TREATMENT The UBC Psychology Clinic is a featured Innovation Snapshot at UBC. Discover the remarkable people pushing the boundaries of their disciplines, inventing creative solutions to societal challenges and contributing to new knowledge from across the entire UBC community.
  • POLAR MEDAL Congratulations to Dr. Peter Suedfeld, who was awarded the Canadian Honours Polar Medal. The Polar Medal celebrates Canada’s northern heritage and recognizes those who have contributed to or endeavoured to promote a greater understanding of Canada’s northern communities and its people.
  • KILLAM DISTINCTION A life of research leads to a University Killam Professorship for Dr. Janet Werker, UBC professor and Canada Research Chair in Psychology. Dr. Werker is one of the world’s leading developmental psychologists. Through her research she explores the foundations of language learning, including multi-language acquisition in infancy.
  • Developmental psychology term paper ideas

    developmental psychology term paper ideas


    developmental psychology term paper ideasdevelopmental psychology term paper ideasdevelopmental psychology term paper ideasdevelopmental psychology term paper ideas