Duke admissions essays

After two years, I applied to Saint Joseph’s University. I had all intentions of becoming a undergraduate student that lived on campus and got involved in every way possible. When I was not approved for private loans without a cosigner, that dream quickly fizzled out. I made the decision to drive the 15-miles to campus each day. While I wanted to quit my job and put everything I had into my education, that just wouldn’t be a possibility. I could not and would not in good conscious leave my mom with a $ tuition bill each month. I continued to work 20-30 hours each week to help lessen my mother’s financial burden.

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  • While the 2nd essay was about your contribution to the student body and belonging to the program as an individual, in this prompt Duke wants to know why – of all the great programs out there – you want to attend Duke. For this reason, it is imperative to avoid generic or vague responses. Throughout the essay, it should be clear that it was written for Duke and Duke only. Write about classes, professors, and opportunities that only Duke can provide for you. Tell how these connect with the career vision that you outlined in the 1st essay. Also, don’t overlook that Duke specifically asks about clubs or activities. Duke is expecting that you will participate in the school beyond academics, and it is important that you show an interest in Duke outside of the classroom. Tell both what you think you can contribute and what you hope to gain from your participation in that organization or activity.

    Duke admissions essays

    duke admissions essays


    duke admissions essaysduke admissions essaysduke admissions essaysduke admissions essays