Essay on men and women equality

In conclusion it is possible to say that for one and a half of century of its existence, the women’s movement has become a noticeable phenomenon in social life, has accumulated much experience in reducing discrimination against women, improved their social status. Thus, if we compare the lives of modern women to women of previous centuries, we will see that women today live much better, their conditions of life do not go to any comparison with conditions in which our ancestors had to live. Women in our time have the unprecedented freedom and great opportunities. Consequently, there is no reason to ensure that women did not experience happiness in our time! History shows us through what pain and suffering were going women before us, and many of them fought to gain the freedom that we have today. Some have even sacrificed their lives for us, and that is why women of the XXI century must always remember what a high price was paid to get a chance for woman to live a happy life today.

Kumail Nanjiani says that he started doing stand-up “because of Hugh Grant’s best-man speech” in Four Weddings and a Funeral — and that as a young man, he dreamed of being Grant’s character in that iconic romantic comedy written by Richard Curtis. In The Big Sick he finally gets his opportunity to fill Grant’s shoes, and he proves that he’s more than capable. While popular romantic comedies written by men like Curtis tend to reduce the complexity of women’s lives to their romantic feelings, and/or present men as saviors , in Nanjiani’s film Zoe Kazan (as Emily) and Holly Hunter (who plays her mother) are given some opportunities to be believably human. But the characters played by South Asian women in the script remain far less developed.

Essay on men and women equality

essay on men and women equality


essay on men and women equalityessay on men and women equalityessay on men and women equalityessay on men and women equality