Essays for children on my family

This summer is not going to be spent in my house the whole time. This summer my family and I are going to my grandma’s house in North Carolina. We usually go on the weekend and can only stay for one and a half days before school starts on Monday. But, since its summer, we might be able to stay for a week! She lives next to the woods so we could go hunting or fishing if we wanted to. If we get lucky we could come home with a fish and she could cook something delicious with just that fish. Since summer last for two and one half months, summer runs through July. On July 4 th there are fire-works and explosions of light. Usually my family launches some rockets that are really loud and watches the fireworks.

In 1948 the First World Health Assembly called for the creation of a “World Health Day” to mark the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO). Each year since 1950 World Health Day has been celebrated on the 7th of April and a different theme is chosen for each one which highlights areas of concern for WHO. The theme of World Health Day 2012, marked on 7 April 2012, is devoted to “Ageing and Health”. Life expectancy is going up in most countries, meaning more and more people live longer and enter an age when they may need health care. Meanwhile birth rates are generally falling. Countries and health care systems will need to find innovative and sustainable ways to cope with the demographic shift. As reported by John Beard, director of the WHO Department of Ageing and Life Course, “With the rapid ageing of populations, finding the right model for long-term care becomes more and more urgent. Different activities are being organized by WHO as well as non-governmental and community organizations around the world to mark World Health Day. For example, Yogathon (an Art of Living Initiative) – a marathon of Surya Namaskar – is scheduled to happen in 100+ cities across the globe. Millions of people are expected to participate in that event to make awareness of Yoga as a part of healthy living.
So children, always remember “Health is the most important ingredient for a happy life.”

Essays for children on my family

essays for children on my family


essays for children on my familyessays for children on my familyessays for children on my familyessays for children on my family