Examples of modest proposal essays

In the United States, depending upon how Article 1, Sections 2 and 9 of the United States Constitution would be interpreted, the implementation of a wealth tax not apportioned by the populations of the States would require a Constitutional amendment in order to be passed into law. The United States Constitution prohibits any federal direct tax on asset holdings (as opposed to income tax or capital gains tax ) unless the revenue collected is apportioned among the states on the basis of their population. [39] [40] [41] Although a federal wealth tax is prohibited unless the receipts are collected from the States by their populations, state and local government property tax amount to a wealth tax on real estate. [42] There is sufficient question about its Constitutionality that the issue is debatable. [43]

Well, it looks like the Grammar Police will finally take some action. Last week they made a proposal to revoke the literary licenses of people who constantly use the the wrong “there” in there writing. There licenses would be torn up and there fingers would be taped together, or better yet, Crazy glued together. There serious about this and are confident that this one step will improve the quality of the stories that we read. I believe that this is a good first step, but in step to, they should go after those who use the wrong to, to! Next they could go after the people who write “Wah Lah!”, problem solved.

Examples of modest proposal essays

examples of modest proposal essays


examples of modest proposal essaysexamples of modest proposal essaysexamples of modest proposal essaysexamples of modest proposal essays