Fashion marketing dissertation subjects

The International Recruitment Office at the London College of Fashion will help to guide you through the application process and answer any specific questions that you may have regarding our courses. This may include portfolio advice, the application process and fee advice. We offer a ‘drop-in’ facility for applicants who may be in London and wish to obtain further course and admissions information. Please contact us for further information on this facility. We can also arrange a tour of our facilities if we are given prior notice.

The Marketing for Fashion & Entertainment Diploma blends fashion and marketing across the entertainment industry. You’ll learn the principles of fashion marketing, brand management, merchandising, trend forecasting, visual merchandising and fashion buying. You’ll also explore event planning, styling, public relations and social media. With field-trips to fashion showrooms, retailers, public events, PR firms and design studios, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes perspective on the inner workings of the fashion and entertainment industries.

Our company wholesales and retails high end fashion garments and made to order haute couture wedding gowns. It is focused on building its fashion brand. The brand aims for superior quality of its products, paired with its artisan approach to design. The company’s unique location in Sydney allows all of its manufacturing to be produced in Sydney, maintaining its high quality. In Sydney the company has access to a wealth of resources- particularly fabrics and the highest quality hand beading contractor who holds a contract for international brands. This affords us both commercial and creative advantages in the global fashion industry.

Fashion marketing dissertation subjects

fashion marketing dissertation subjects


fashion marketing dissertation subjectsfashion marketing dissertation subjectsfashion marketing dissertation subjectsfashion marketing dissertation subjects