Letter to my daughter essayist

What a lovely and excellent letter Vishal…I have started following your website recently and have been fascinated by your writings, simplicity, intelligence and the willingness to share your knowledge and wisdom to the world. The way you left your job to follow what you love and what you wish to achieve is commendable. You are an inspiration for many people like me. I also want to travel the path like yours and its very refreshing to know about great people like you. This letter to your daughter is so well written and it shows your sensitive, responsible nature as well as your amazing writing skills. I would love to attend your workshop sometimes whenever I am able to attend, as I live abroad. Keep up the great work !

We first began writing to our daughters last year as part of Egon Zehnder’s Leaders & Daughters event series, which we are currently hosting in 40 cities around the world. Now we hope to harness the power of leadership by encouraging people to write to their own daughters – sharing their hopes and dreams for them as well as practical advice and wisdom on how to navigate the challenges ahead in their career journey. Our goal is to collectively inspire, cultivate and pave a better future for the next generation of female leaders. Please join us by sharing your own letters and nominating friends to do the same via #LeadersAndDaughters . Thank you!

Letter to my daughter essayist

letter to my daughter essayist


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