Proposal sample of dissertation

Soon after I posted my latest proposal to them, two different major publishers [WaterBrook & Bethany House] contacted me directly.  Although I ended up landing a contract  with yet a third publisher [Fortress Press] whom I submitted a proposal to independently, I still think it’s worthwhile, even for seasoned authors, to post on the Writer’s Edge.   For me it was a positive experience and well worth the money because I got personally acquainted with editors from two different publishing companies that I wasn’t connected to before. 

A mutual acquaintance mentioned that you are also passionate about providing healthier food options for summer cookouts. In today’s world, the need for easy access to healthy food is growing and with our research and your marketing capability this is an excellent way to push for multiple forms of communication about healthy food and to provide an easy source of information on important new happenings. Our goal is to effectively market and brand our hot dogs and increase the sales such that they dominate the market share by not less than 90%.

Proposal sample of dissertation

proposal sample of dissertation


proposal sample of dissertationproposal sample of dissertationproposal sample of dissertationproposal sample of dissertation