Rudraksha research papers

Apart from the perspective of government, the environment of society plays an important role in coronary artery disease death as well. This can be divided into two main aspects. Both socio-economic environment and psychosocial factors combine to it. One contributing factor is socio-economic environment and poverty is known to be a major economic issue. Due to the rapid urbanization, the gap of income has been dramatically widened, and this economical inequality result in the treatment inequality of disease. In disadvantaged countries, there are smaller falls in CAD deaths than the advantaged zones. In addition, larger amount of mortality remains in the disadvantaged zones throughout (Huff and Gray, 2001). According to WHO (2015), the CAD deaths in the low and middle level countries account for more than 75%. People in these countries are not able to have health detection regularly and comprehensively. Moreover, the patients suffering from CAD lack of effective and seasonable cure. Due to the expensive and resource intensive therapies and medications of CAD, many private health systems which are uncontrolled by government provide the drugs at a far higher price to improve the profit. As a result, people with low and middle income are not available to the treatment. (World Bank, 2003)

Rudraksha divine beads can be worn by anybody irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed, culture and location. However, it is advisable that certain precautions should be taken while using Rudraksha since it is a divine gift and therefore very pious. We have a selection process through which we offer you energetic, healthy beads to give you best results.  You may wait for a Monday as it is an auspicious day to start wearing your bead or you may wear your Rudraksha early morning on any auspicious day of the week after an early morning bath.

It was a spontaneous urge which I felt from within about wearing Rudraksha, I started surfing and came across this 's reply to my queries were immediate and have to admit I discussed my problems at length and for a couple of days,it requires patience to deal with such customers, which I really appreciate. Moreover he always adviced to wear Rudraksha keeping in mind the budget constraints even though I never insisted, no one in today's world does such a thing, I have went across several sites even the self proclaimed market leaders are no exception to it and just give one a big estimate. I myself went for a higher mukhi when I was been adviced a much lower mukhi as I felt I was in right hands . I was given rudrakshas after going through my best part is the energizing process which is done by dipping them in Panchamrit, Panchagawya, and Rice respectively for three nights and then the actual energizing Abhishek at Trimbkeshwar on fourth day. No other seller will do such a thing, it can be only done by those who are real priests of Sanathana dharma.

Rudraksha research papers

rudraksha research papers


rudraksha research papersrudraksha research papers