Sample critical book review

I am very impressed with Roy Spencer’s eclectic publication topic range. In addition to a good number of climate books, he’s written books on economics (how free enterprise works), a literary/historical work on DH Lawrence, a book on how to draw the human body, one on how to draw children, a book on classic auto racing… No wonder we were treated to the shameful spectacle of Gavin Schmidt scuttling away from a TV interview like rat when Roy Spencer set to engage in a is indeed a formidable (though very polite) guy!

 All people should have access to education, but many college students today cannot afford textbooks. Matt believes in, creates, and uses free OER (open educational resource) material.  OER statistics and pre-statistics notes and activities can be found under the Statistics and Int Alg for Stats tabs.  Matt's OER pre-algebra book (with statistics emphasis) can be found under the Pre-Algebra and Instructor Resources tabs. All of these resources are OER licensed through creative commons (CC-BY).  You can print and use any of them for educational purposes free of charge.

Sample critical book review

sample critical book review


sample critical book reviewsample critical book reviewsample critical book reviewsample critical book review