Sample of economics extended essays

As is the case with any assessment task, I am looking for evidence you have learned something from the lectures, tutes and required reading. The lack of any in-text citations and references is an indication that the concepts we learned about during the semester have not been incorporated or discussed to the expected extent. For a (minimum) 1000 word essay you needed to consult at least 5 high-quality, rigorous academic sources, . peer-reviewed academic journal articles, books from academic publishers, not merely one source (a non-academic online definition of disequilibrium). A reflective essay deviates from typical academic writing because it invites you to use your own experiences and perceptions as evidence. However, this reflective task still requires you to select and interpret evidence according to academic standards. You should have cited secondary sources of adequate scholarly quality and of sufficient number to support your ideas. Engaging with academic literature in this way would have demonstrated that your business ideas are grounded in a sound understanding of relevant theory. From an academic, university writing perspective, your business idea needs a stronger basis in economic theory. You have also not mentioned the key challenges you need to overcome in order to succeed. Business startups require a plan/goal of what they want to achieve within a specified time frame, . year 1 identify and target market, expand customer base by means of... etc.

Consensus Economics , founded in 1989, is the world's leading international economic survey organization and polls more than 700 economists each month to obtain their forecasts and views. These surveys cover estimates for the principal macroeconomic indicators including GDP growth, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates in over 85 countries, as well as energy and metal prices [more about us]

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Sample of economics extended essays

sample of economics extended essays


sample of economics extended essayssample of economics extended essayssample of economics extended essayssample of economics extended essays