School uniforms in public schools essay

Please note: This is a basic working list. Some schools may/may not consider hoodies or sweatshirts appropriate. Polo shirts are considered a shirt with two or three buttons with a collar. Polo shirts and oxford shirts may be long or short-sleeved. Pants must fit properly. Cargo pants/shorts are unacceptable. The term "shorts" refers to walking shorts. All schools have selected a distinct plaid for their individual sites. For example, the Memorial Junior High School plaid is different than the Edison Preparatory plaid. School offices have information concerning the "proper" plaid.

In addition, foes of uniforms say that they impose conformity and stifle students’ self-expression. A recent court case in Nevada charged that an elementary school uniform policy that required students to wear shirts with the school motto infringed upon their First Amendment rights, and that the youth organization exemption policy unnecessarily shut out local or regional organizations. Ultimately, the court found in favor of the school’s right to impose a uniform policy but required changes to the policy to properly protect students’ rights to free expression . 

Schools are saying that it will increase sense of belonging and pride and you know what, doing anything in school can raise that. Football does it for some, band, orchestra, chorus, robotics club, anything like that will raise pride. Instead kids could get annoyed or happy. It won't help with bullying, it won't help school attendance, it won't reduce gangs either. In fact people could get the feeling of arrogance and feel better than others in different schools or still in the same school. It won't change that. In the end it's about the majority of the vote that the STUDENTS have! Let them decide if you really care that much about it.

School uniforms in public schools essay

school uniforms in public schools essay


school uniforms in public schools essayschool uniforms in public schools essayschool uniforms in public schools essayschool uniforms in public schools essay