Sicko reviews essay

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I'm from Canada and I live in work in 3 different provinces. I don't expect general practitioners to be experts on everything concerning medicine so I dids my part and researched the symptoms myself and pretty much begged for them to check for that certain condition and when they did sure enough that was it. I went to 5 different hospitals and clinics before being properly diagnosed. Before that I had various misdiagnoses, one went even so far as to say it was all in my head. You work in a grocery store and get the same treatment I do, that's my point! It takes a month for you to net what the government takes from me in a signal week. You get everything you want from them for free? Well good for you, but for me, my diabetic supplies cost a lot, and as I said before if I wasn't in a labor union they would cost much more, and as for the drugs they prescribed to me for the other condition, well they would have cost a fortune too. I'm speaking from my personal experience here, our health care system isn't perfect, it isn't even good (unless you make $200 a week). But for guys like me who make thousands a week and pay for the BULK of the system...IT SUCKS! Your welcome for the free ride.

Sicko reviews essay

sicko reviews essay


sicko reviews essaysicko reviews essaysicko reviews essay