Thesis game design

Contemporary folklore and stereotypes that we are exposed to contribute to a lack of knowledge concerning native American fishing practices. Brumbach (1986:36) noted that "popular folklore emphasizes fertilizer value of the fish but seems vague about their consumption as food." Perhaps the stereotype of the "hunter/gatherer" among anthropologists similarly attenuated a focus on fishing, as the word "fishing" is not included in the phrase "hunting/gathering." Despite this fact, in some societies, the role of fishing may have been equal to or surpassed that of hunting and/or gathering. [5]

Topic Area 1:

Modern technologies offer users diverse possibilities of communication with their devices, via both classical methods of input such as mouse and keyboard, but also through touch, gestures, or speech input. Combinations of these input modalities further increase the variety of choices. The goal of this topic area is to find and offer the ideal and currently-prefered method of human-computer interaction (HCI) in any situation. Our research focuses on the user: how does the interaction behaviour and user preferences change under varying affective states? For this purpose, a gamification approach is to be implemented to examine the effects of stress and competition through variations of sound, experience points, rewards, and rankings.

Contact: Topic Area 1 is a cooperation between the Media Informatics (Prof. M. Weber), Serious Games (Jun-Prof. C. Schrader) and General Psychology (Prof. A. Huckauf).

Also, your example of blood splatters and screen cracks as being meta components is an interesting one. A small handful of games have gone further with these concepts, describing them (and often the entire HUD) as part of the inside of your avatar’s visor. Particularly good examples of this are Metroid Prime and (later) Star Wars: Republic Commando, games that arguably transform all 2D HUD elements into diagetic components with the simplest possible explanation. Halo also does this to a lesser extent, but not as convincingly as Republic Commando (a game ostensibly very strongly inspired by Halo).

Thesis game design

thesis game design


thesis game designthesis game designthesis game designthesis game design