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Some of the greatest developers of the MAGLEV trains are Germany and Japan. Although the basic concepts used for the construction are the same, the prototypes used are different. German trains use electromagnetic suspension (EMS) system so as the bottom of the train is wrapped to a steel guide way. Thus levitation occurs between the electromagnets that are attached underneath the train and the guide way to about 1 centimetre. It also helps in keeping the train in levitation, when it is standing still. Such trains were tested to go on a maximum speed of about 300 miles/hour with passengers on-board.

The Whole and Its Parts Effective organization requires you to see your subject as a whole and as a system of interrelated parts. As you move from a broad overview to a  look at an individual detail, you need to see, and let your reader see, how the two levels are related. Consider, for instance, a deck of playing cards. Fresh out of the box and wrapped in cellophane, it seems to be one single thing. Strewn randomly about the floor, each card is individual, complete, yet part of a larger system. And of course each card has parts—a front and a back, markings for suit and number.

Indian Public
d edition)
Ramesh k Arora
and Rajni Goyal
Chapter 18(The
Chief Secretary and
State Secretariat)
Page no.-335-336
Supreme Court of
E. P. Royappa vs
State Of Tamil
Nadu & Anr on 23
November, 1973
RR The incumbent to the post of
Chief Secretary is chosen by
and appointed by the Chief
Minister and the Ministers of
the State. The trend is that the
Chief Minister consults the
Union Government regarding
the appointment of the Chief
Secretary but, this consultation
is not obligatory.
There is no fixed tenure for the
post of Chief Secretary.
Administrative reform
commission in 1969 had
recommended that a Chief
secretary should have a
minimum te

Witing essays

witing essays


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